Day & Night

[2 poems – read the bold separate from the italics]

In the dark, seek Luna’s consultation ; (I lie awake at night and speak to the moon,)
I search within and from across the blue, (Trying to slumber while “counting sheep”)
Exhaustion inducing hibernation; (I end up nodding by the process alone)
These battered wounds she begins to renew. (Rejuvenating my body as I fall asleep)

Spellbound by words that invoke sweet repose, (Conversing to the moon, I find rest)
She rewrites scars that brandish victories; (Erasing evidence of yesterday’s events)
Scribes in darkness, as I devoutly doze, (Moon guides the path of the night)
With powers of nocturnal mysteries. (With powers of unknown extent)

Sunlight the hunter; Sol peers: outside/in; (Sunlight searches for an entrance to take)
Catching unconscious eyes through splintered wood. (Waking me with broken light)
Stealing ardent slumber, day doth begin; (Removing all traces of sleep, I wake)
While in the clouds, Sun triumphantly stood. (Day the victor, the victim: night)

Beckoning victims to join his brigade, (Sun beckons us to heed it’s call)
We all march to the beat of his war drums. (We get up and move through the day)
Ushered by powers that begin to fade, (But by the end, we resign from waking duty)
Deserting the day, for when nightfall comes. (As nightfall makes headway)


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