I don’t think of you anymore, but I don’t think of you any less

Every night I lie awake,
Time runs on to incomprehensible hours,
That only exist in my devoid state.
I see her in every molecule that moves;
Her energy haunts, echos, ripples through my being.
Oh, what great waves she conjures within me!
Months have passed,
And the halls still resound sweet melancholy murmurs-
My palpitating heart; The only memories of you.
Lavish in the feeling of you around me;
I adorn my neck with your gift of grace,
Yet I wish it were your arms that would embrace me instead,
For we had fit like gloves you and I,
We shared our warmth as a matching pair,
Yet I’m here in shambles without you lover,
Because what good is one glove, without the other?


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