Intimate Nature

We were more than earthly beings;
Astral bodies in a hidden place.
I was crowned surveyor of worlds,
When her body I began to trace.

Charting her geography;
To discover new lands, I was loyal.
“Love”, the harvest that began to grow,
When my hands dug deep in soil.

And the words you spoke were honey;
Sweetness trickling from your lips.
Quenched my thirst with her bounty;
Her taste upon my fingertips.

Intoxicated in flavors you harbor,
I drank until I had my full,
Drank it all til’ nothing was left,
Nothing left but satiated souls.

Her juicy fruits I devour,
Plucked freshly off the vine,
Consume the flesh, leave the pits,
To plant at another time.


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