The Process.

So I created a new piece of art the other day.
I started with the Japanese sumi ink blowing technique, yet I used india ink.
I opted to go for a more traditional approach so I made it a Sakura tree.

Using a pink highlighter I created sparse leaves and outlined them in red gel pen, at this point I was very happy with the turnout.

Then I got bored.

I then applied blue crayon I had lying around and added a nice blue blur to the background and used the friction of my fingers to melt and blur it in.
I then took a razor and created small shavings of pink and blue crayon which stuck to my fingers, I blew them off onto the paper and used a dying candle to melt them onto the paper to simulate petals blowing in the wind.
At this point the candle could barely keep lit.

I took the white crayon and stripped it of the paper, and carefully let it drip on the top portion of the paper to simulate clouds. I used the paper lids.belonging to instant noodle cups as a match to melt the white crayon.

I then lit the top portion of the paper on fire to create natural organic curves to simulate the contour of the clouds.I then affixed a new background behind the burnt edges.

I used the ash of the ramen cup lids to darken the background piece and mixed it with the residual crayon shavings.

Last but not least I went back and outlined all the wax and the contour of the clouds with a similar coloured sharpie.

The Outcome.



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