Pigeonacci Sequence.


“Mathematics Is The Language With Which God Has Written The Universe.” – Galileo

If Mathematics is the universal language, then Science must be the universal poetry.
Every action of every molecule, every conceivable form of input is information.
Information is simply data… and data can be qualified and quantified even in its most raw form.
When you start to quantify all the variables in life, it’s hard not to feel like life is destined to adhere to fate.
But as we define the world further and further, more questions arise that bluntly reflects the fact that the world isn’t confined to the laws we attribute it to.
String theory takes everything we thought we knew about the laws of nature and throws it out the window, making it seem as if it’s only our faith in these systems and formulas that keeps reality functioning the way we expect it to.

So what then is the difference between Numerology and Mathematics if they both require faith to function?
To me, the difference lies in the philosophy regarding both.
With mathematics you can calculate the golden ration within art, music, the human body, the face of a sunflower, and even a seashell, but it’s only with Numerology, that we can start to explain why this is the case.

Phi is truly proof that there is a divine intelligence.

“Science is the poetry of reality.” – R. Dawkins


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