A Process: Learning acrylics….

Learning acrylics, mixing oils on them by accident, trying to paint a portrait while getting frustrated in not achieving the image in my mind, taking it to different levels, sacrificing all the work for…?

my first portrait… failure… muddy colors… a spackling knife
Turned sideways… just paint on canvas… brushes.

Learning color interactions… brushes.

My second attempt at it… finger painting.
Another attempt at it, still finger painting, wanted more contrasted white, less muddy colors.
Refined it and finally settled on something I liked. this is a combination of light sharpie as well as brush work. I wanted it to kind of just remain blurry, except ithe left side wasn’t abstract and blurry enough so it felt like it came across as undone.


Then I went overboard with the sharpie. and made a mess and tried to fix it.
After this I got frustrated and basically reverted to a light blue background and the makings for a white face, without any detail like in one of first few photos…. I got REALLY frustrated.
I ended up squirting tons of paint onto the canvas and then kind of used the ugly muddy teal paint to sculpt a close of an eye. Portraits are hard for me to do because when I do linework with pencils, I usually try to aim for a personal degree of perfection compared to my own sketches.

The eye just didn’t sit well with me because of how muddy it was so I ended up doing this^ (working with pallete knives at this point, fingers, and brushes)

Then I decided to get some ink, and used an entire bottle of black for ^.

Finally I kind of just finished it out with this, removing a lot of the large black spaces to add a more seethrough kind of effect to make it spooky.


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