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Baptism (acrylic, pencil, inks)

This is the feeling of washing yourself clean of filth, dirt, blood, sweat, tears, stress, etc.



Two new paintings. (not done)



Remnants. (wip)

IMG_20150127_223853Heartstrings that play the dirge of the dead, Memories mark gravestones with what she said. Decrepit ground outlined with rotten fences; The remnants of my useless defenses. Spirits mutter soft spoken cries, Memories of my lover’s “sighs”. My heart, from chants, begin to unearth, From below the soil of the rotting turf. Invoked by murmurs of her ghostly moans, My heart does beat, encased in bone. Rising from the hallowed ground, I hunger for that solemn sound. Undying, relentless, endless rage, Pouring out this heart that’s caged.


I am


I got smashed on two bottles of wine and made these last night.

I set out with no intention. I was attempting an old practice called “automatic writing” except using paint and ink as my means to communicate.

It’s odd that mostly heads appeared.



CAM01308CAM01312I found more, “paint” to finish this portrait above.

CAM01309Image of two people dancing around a fire.