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Remnants. (wip)

IMG_20150127_223853Heartstrings that play the dirge of the dead, Memories mark gravestones with what she said. Decrepit ground outlined with rotten fences; The remnants of my useless defenses. Spirits mutter soft spoken cries, Memories of my lover’s “sighs”. My heart, from chants, begin to unearth, From below the soil of the rotting turf. Invoked by murmurs of her ghostly moans, My heart does beat, encased in bone. Rising from the hallowed ground, I hunger for that solemn sound. Undying, relentless, endless rage, Pouring out this heart that’s caged.


I am



G-Men (in process)

IMG_20150126_234849 IMG_20150126_230444(1)

A random painting decided to paint itself as I used the canvas to clean the gesso from my pallet knife. I just helped it along….IMG_20150127_042556IMG_20150127_095545

Abstract Portrait of Jimi Hendrix in Inks.

IMG_20150124_003304 IMG_20150124_011001This is where i’m at… currently unfinished.IMG_20150124_020648

I think there is too much definition…. I dislike it currently.getting there…

IMG_20150124_064643Getting there….