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Something about this seems all too familiar……

“Something about this seems all too familiar……

I gasp for breath as I lurch forward in bed, grasping at my chest as if in attempt to claw the very air around me through my chest and skin. Once again I wake up to the sound of an alarm buzzing. I wake, but once again there is no alarm- only silence. I quickly survey the room in an attempt to anchor myself to my environment. The dim echo of a distant radio eases into the overwhelming static of silence.

“You are in your bedroom, you are safe.” My body tells me.
“Then why am I scanning the room for threats?” My mind argues.

I see a hand brush across the sheet.

“These are not your hands,” my mind tells me.

The foreign hand then pulls the covers revealing a foreign body and once again I realize I am not in control. I’m merely a spectator to events, an audience on the sidelines, a passenger along for the ride, and I wonder, just how far the destination will be this time? ”