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Remnants. (wip)

IMG_20150127_223853Heartstrings that play the dirge of the dead, Memories mark gravestones with what she said. Decrepit ground outlined with rotten fences; The remnants of my useless defenses. Spirits mutter soft spoken cries, Memories of my lover’s “sighs”. My heart, from chants, begin to unearth, From below the soil of the rotting turf. Invoked by murmurs of her ghostly moans, My heart does beat, encased in bone. Rising from the hallowed ground, I hunger for that solemn sound. Undying, relentless, endless rage, Pouring out this heart that’s caged.


I am


Abstract Portrait of Jimi Hendrix in Inks.

IMG_20150124_003304 IMG_20150124_011001This is where i’m at… currently unfinished.IMG_20150124_020648

I think there is too much definition…. I dislike it currently.getting there…

IMG_20150124_064643Getting there….

New picture in progress on canvas. PART 3


I started in on the color wash and the shadows to get a little more depth so it didn’t feel so flat.

Still got a lot to go… this ink doesn’t want to dry and keeps smearing though.. 😦

I dunno how I’m gonna end up doing the rest of it…IMG_20150116_175616added some skin tones, however the pencil lead and the black ink kind of made it all messy… I’ll hafta remember not to use that pen again…. After I decied on her hair color, and finalize the accessories hanging from her neck, I’ll go and get rid of all those messy lines.


This is where I am stopping for today.IMG_20150117_000446